Have you ever wondered what the difference between a BB cream and a CC cream is? 

Cosmetics have come a long way from when foundation provided the base of your makeup needs. 

Blush was used to give that blushing appearance and concealer to hide any imperfections – you’d be forgiven if you felt you needed a dictionary to understand the latest cosmetic trends let alone how to use the products.

Well, let us break it down for you and explain the difference between a BB cream and CC cream and you can decide which innovative product would best achieve the results you would like for your skin. 

BB Cream was created to be a hybrid of foundation and skincare;  standing for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, BB cream is very similar to a tinted moisturiser.  It acts like skincare and foundation in one…easy! 

Apply it like you would a tinted moisturised onto cleansed skin (here are some great cleansers from our range too)

Our Mia Cosmetics BB Secret Cream comes in two shades; a cool and warm tone.  The fluid changes colour upon friction, melting to match perfectly to your skin tone when applied and rubbed into the skin.

This easy-to-apply product is great for days when you just need to get out the door and still need a bit of coverage or heading to the beach and shops.  It is particularly lightweight and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and looking fresh. 

We have had so much positive feedback from this product, it is one of our best sellers with repeated purchases!  Certainly, a staple item to be included in your personal makeup kit.

An equally innovative product is the CC Cream, standing for Colour Correcting, and is a foundation, skincare, and sunscreen all in one handy product! 

Are you looking for something quick and easy that will cover redness, hide and help treat acne, cover dark spots and add radiance to dull-looking skin? 

Our Mia Cosmetics CC Cream is loaded full of hyaluronic acid, a super intense skin treatment to hydrate the skin, as well as an SPF of 30 to protect from the sun. 

The CC cream is lightweight allowing the skin to still breath while providing an amazing coverage and can be applied the same as the BB cream. We are so grateful for the creation of these products making our morning routines a little easier! 

And who doesn’t like the idea of a product that looks like your own skin and not heavy make-up?

MIA MAKEUP TIPS: For oily skin types, and to keep dirt from sticking to your skin, set your BB or CC Cream with a Mia Makeup Loose Powder, or to add a little extra coverage quickly, you can also set the fluid face products with our Mia Makeup Powder Up Foundation pressed compact.

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