1. First of all, practice!  Practicing makeup looks on yourself and any of your willing friends & family will help you nail that look much quicker.

Like anything, the more you practice, the better you will get at it.  A good measure of patience helps too, but keep reading as we want to help you ace your morning routine…

2. Start your makeup application with freshly cleansed and moisturised skin ready to receive the makeup.  Washing your face first prepares you with an oil-free and dirt-free canvas to work with.

Browse our Mia Cosmetics Cleansers and Skincare range to effectively achieve this important step. 

3. Don’t underestimate the power of including a specialist skincare product into your routine. The better your skin looks, the better your makeup will look. 

Achieve instant improved skin results with our Mia Makeup’s range of Face Serums and Hyaluronic Acid Treatments.  Your skin will not only be instantly revitalised but will only improve with regular use – trust us, this is a game changer!

4. Apply a makeup primer before your foundation application for a seamless finish and added longevity of your makeup. 

Choose a primer based on the skin results you would like to achieve, for example, our Glow Maximiser Primer, Smoothing Primer, or Pore Minimising Primer

For those with a few more fine lines, you will find our One Minute Blurr Primer extra helpful to retexturize your skin.

5. Like any tradesperson, having quality tools and products will allow you to achieve a better result quicker and easier the first time.  We are all looking for that ‘holy grail’ base foundation, and we believe we have found it!  (Thank you Mia Makeup!) 

Our beautiful Italian-made foundations come in a range of different coverages to suit your needs: for a light base coverage, try our BB Cream or CC Cream

For a medium coverage foundation that looks just like your own skin, we can’t go past Mia Makeup’s Beyond Coverage Foundation, with a shade to suit everyone.  Or turn the dial all the way up to a full coverage, high performance foundation with Mia Makeup’s 4Ever 24HR Fluid Foundation, comparable to the most prestigious foundations on the market.

6. Try applying your eye makeup first, particularly if you are attempting your look using a Smokey Eyeshadow Palette.  This will allow for worry-free application if you happen to go too far with your eyeshadow or end up with fall out under your eyes. 

Have a makeup wipe handy so you can clean up the areas of your face that you wish to keep clean and flawless for foundation application.

7. Go easy on the eyeliner.  Eyeliner can be tricky and it takes time to get perfect.  Instead of always reaching for the black pencil which can sometimes look harsh, try switching it out with a more soft and forgiving colour such as a taupe eyeliner pencil or a bronze eyeliner pencil

When you are feeling more confident, you can build up to an Expert Look Black Liquid Eyeliner.

8. Don’t neglect your brows! Brows are a key facial feature and help to frame the face. Try using a Brow Powder or Brow Pencil and apply using hair-like strokes. 

Brush the brows through afterwards with a spoolie brush.  This will keep your brows looking natural yet defined and groomed.

9. Finish your look with a Liquid Lipstick.  Not only do liquid lipsticks last longer on the lips, they also provide for a more intense, opaque color payoff, whether it be a neutral or bright tone. 

This creates a day-long base and if you prefer, you can top it off with a Gloss or shimmery Lip Oil.

10. Lastly, keep your makeup tools sanitised and your makeup area organised.  Deep clean your makeup brushes periodically with mild soap and water, and spot clean with rubbing alcohol and paper towel. 

If you love the space you have created for makeup application, and the items you need are organised and easy to find, you are most likely to achieve and succeed!

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