Youth Barcode Instant Lip Filler


Instant Anti-Wrinkle Treatment for the Lips & Mouth Area

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Lips anti-wrinkle treatment double action filler effect: wrinkles immediately erased with one plump of the lips.

This unique cosmetic lip cream is designed to be applied in the lip area where there are wrinkles similar to a barcode, above the upper lips, like a normal cream. The Lip wrinkle treatment will give you an immediate result: after only 2 minutes you will notice the amazing difference, the face will look at least 8/10 years younger already when the product dries, the wrinkles are already tight and really less visible !!

The anti-wrinkle treatment for the lips can be applied to the entire upper and lower lip area and the area around the mouth.

Here are the main features of the anti-wrinkle treatment that erases lip wrinkles:

  • Fast Effect – with the tensor effect contained in the anti-aging treatment gel, in less than 5 minutes you will obtain the visible reduction of wrinkles with a botulinum filler effect
  • Anti-Age – The anti-perfection smoothing serum is unisex and therefore indicated for the treatment of imperfections of men and women.  It plumps the deep wrinkles of the skin that become less marked and visible and the fine ones will disappear.
  • Long-lasting – Thanks to the very easy application and high absorbability, you can apply the anti-ageing lifting serum gel several times a day for a long-lasting anti-aging replumping effect.

100% MADE IN ITALY – Like all MIA Cosmetics products also Youth, anti-ageing anitirugues gel, is produced in Italy, made without parabens and dyes, without Vaseline or SLS/SLES

In addition to immediately smoothing the wrinkles around the lips, YOUTH also has treatment value, thanks to the action of pepha-tight, hyaluronic acid, syn-tc, quick-lift, solididerm and vitamin E that combined together work with a 360° stretching, filling, anti-aging and antioxidant effect, gradually rejuvenating the treated area.

It is recommended to apply a nourishing face cream before using MIA Cosmetics’ YOUTH Lips Serum.