Set & Define Eyebrow Palette Brunette


Mini palette to fill, define and set eyebrows

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Eyebrows perfectly fixed, defined and full are a dream for every make-up addict and the Set & Define Eyebrows Palette contains everything you need to fill and outline thin eyebrows and bring under control the curly ones.

The colourful powder, with the eye brush inside the palette, lets you recreate the eyebrows structure, using it dry for a natural effect or mixed with the wax for a bolder result. The wax fixes eyebrows, the highlighter instead, placed on the top eyebrows arch, opens the eye look and makes eyebrows more defined.

The eye makeup appears immediately well-finished, even in the most natural looks, not by chance eyebrows are the face’s frame and having them well defined be enough to seem harmonious and symmetric.

Available shades:

Brunette – Brunette/black hair

Taupe – Ash blonde/cool chestnut hair

Blonde – Light blonde hair

How to use

With the angled brush inside the palette, take the brow powder and fill the eyebrows in the area where they’re thinner, if you like a bolder, more defined and long-lasting result, mix the powder with the wax and define the structure following your natural shape. If your eyebrows are particularly wavy or curly, before the powder, apply the wax with a brow swab. Once you get the result you want, enhance the look blending the highlighter on the upper eyebrows arch.