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Smoothing Face Primer Makeup

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Face Primer 1 Minute Blur by Mia Makeup is the evolution of the conventional makeup primer; perfect combination of skin care and makeup, example of flash cosmetology, cosmetic technology inspired by digital photography; an eclat makeup base designed to give immediate effects and immediately visible results.

The function of the primer is to act on the dilated pores, attenuating them, on the grain of the skin, refining it, minimising wrinkles and expression lines, correcting skin discolorations, creating a homogeneous film on the skin, preparing it for make up.

To all this, the 1 Minute Blur technology adds immediately visible filler effect ingredients, which give the face smooth features and soft focus pigment particles that refract the light in a multidirectional way, instantly reducing the shadow of the wrinkle. The skin appears immediately smoother, every sign of imperfection erased, the complexion illuminated; an instant beauty perfecter!

Apply 1 Minute Blur Primer after the moisturiser, in small doses, tapping it on the skin for a nude effect, or from the centre of the face outwards with the help of a Fluid brush, as a uniform base. The photo retouching effect is guaranteed.

#MIASADVICE Irregular lip contour? Try 1 Minute Blur on the lip contour to avoid lipstick smudging.