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Lifting Biobotox Face Mask

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GOLD disposable beauty face mask for an immediate facelift.

The fabric of the Biobotox Face Mask is soaked in a treatment enriched in Acmella Oleracea extract with Spilanthol that relaxes the muscles and reconstructs the collagen network, while the peptides moisturize, plump and protect the skin from mucocutaneous tension.

The special composition of the face mask creates a perfect barrier that allows the anti-ageing active ingredients to penetrate much faster and deeper than with normal masks.  The whole side is made of 100% viscose non-woven fabric, while the outer side is made of gold-coloured cellulose microcrystals.

The lifting effect is immediate after application: hydrated, plumped skin, minimized expression lines and sagging.

Area of Use: Face / Neck
Action: Immediate Lifting Effect
Laying Time: 15 Minutes

Method of Use:

  • Open the envelope using the appropriate side tear-off invitations,
  • Apply the mask on a clean face, using the eye area to correctly align it on the face and neck,
  • Leave for at least 15 minutes,
  • Remove the mask and gently massage your face with your fingertips to promote complete absorption of the moisturizing solution. No need to rinse.