Magnetic Boost Mask


Magnetic Regenerating Face Mask

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Magnetic Boost Mask by Mia Makeup is the revolutionary face mask for a deep cleansing of the skin.

Thanks to the magnetic force and its totally natural ingredients, Magnetic Boost Mask manages to completely purify the skin, freeing it from comendones and excess sebum, leaving the skin clean, perfectly hydrated and smooth.

The complex of oils contained in the formula thanks to the nourishing, soothing and antioxidant properties, purify the skin in depth, improve the complexion, assisting microcirculation leaving the skin soft to the touch.

As shown by scientific tests, magnetism has effects on the beauty and rejuvenation of the skin because it promotes microcirculation and cell regeneration, helps skin tone and prevents the formation of free radicals. The strength of the magnet manages to capture all types of dirt and impurities, eliminating it from the skin with a deep exfoliating action.

TRICKS OF MIA: Apply Magnetic Boost Mask with the help of a flat brush. Leave on for 15 minutes. Apply a tissue on the magnet and pass it over the whole area where the mask has been applied. Massage the face with circular movements.