Soft Lips by Mia Make up is the line of lip balm lipsticks with soothing and moisturizing properties. The lipstick creamy formula, rich in emollients, argan oil and aloe vera, nourishes and restores hydration to the lips while releasing a light touch of color thanks to the colored pigments contained. The lipstick texture is comfortable on the lips, non-sticky, it slips in application. Ideal for those with dry and chapped lips; useful to counteract the effects of atmospheric agents such as cold, wind, exposure to sunlight and to prevent blemishes caused by the use of lip tints and long-lasting lipsticks. Soft Lips is the sheer lipstick dedicated to those who love a fresh, natural look, almost a “no-make up” effect, suitable for day makeup; a fair compromise for those who do not want to give up a touch of color but prefer soft and moisturizing formulas. The wide choice of colors of Soft lips makes it particularly versatile: use it for nude looks, in combination with your Matt lipstick or with your favorite Mia make-up lip tint.

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