Hydra Life Cleansing Milk


Delicate Milk Cleanser

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Cleansing the skin daily is the most important step of the skin care routine.  Hydra Life Cleansing Milk by Mia Cosmetics is a fluid emulsion that cleanses the skin in a gentle way while soothing the hydrolipidic film.

The cleansing milk formula enriched with cedar wood oil and argan oil helps to keep the skin soft, moisturised and act in depth to cleanse without drying out the skin even during the removal of the most resistant makeup.

The use of cleansing milk in the morning and evening will remove excess sebum and impurities accumulated during the day, dead cells and makeup residues.  The skin will be bright and healthy, preserved from skin aging and damage from atmospheric agents such as wind and sun rays.

How to use: Pour the product on a cosmetic pad and apply it on the skin with a gentle massage.  Can be applied to wet or dry skin.  Use in the evening to remove makeup and in the morning to prepare your skin for makeup before serum and moisturiser application.