Harmonia C Detox Serum


Vitamin C anti-wrinkle face serum

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Anti-ageing face serum with Vitamin C with a very light texture, which facilitates its absorption, and a higher concentration of active ingredients than a traditional face cream to effectively combat the passage of time.

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that fight the effects of free radicals, stimulates collagen production making the skin more elastic and turgid and thanks to its slightly exfoliating action increases cell turnover making the complexion brighter.

Mandelic Acid has lightening, antibacterial, soothing and antioxidant properties. Excellent against imperfections to purify the skin and regulate sebaceous production.

Verbasco flower (hydrolysate) protects against stress caused by potentially harmful UV radiation and transforms it into a light source that improves skin shine. You will have an ultra bright and vibrant face.

WHY: To lighten your skin from spots, detoxify it and irradiate it with a new light.

WHEN: Every day in the morning and evening before your face cream to give your skin a lux detox.

HOW: Apply a few drops on cleansed face morning and evening and massage until completely absorbed. Avoid the eye area.  Always apply the serum before a moisturiser as the serum penetrates deeper layers of the skin.