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Multi-finish eyeshadow palette

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GLAM palette is the eyeshadow palette with 9 multi finish, matt and shimmer colours, in compact powder with an ultra-writable and shimmering texture.

Hyper-versatile for day-to-night look, it is composed of earth tones for a quick corrective makeup in the morning, bronze, silver and mauve shimmer to shine in the evening and extra black and intense grey for a deep and penetrating eye makeup. A single palette for a multitude of eye makeup looks from the most natural to the most sexy and attractive!

An eye palette designed to attract the eyes thanks to the incredible texture with intense colour release that blends perfectly with the skin, giving the eyelid an impeccable finish. You have 9 possible colours to choose from and combine them to give your daily makeup a different look.

For a professional eye makeup result apply eye primer to increase the duration of the makeup and avoid the fallout effect.