Fun & Sun Spray SPF30


Sunscreen Spray SPF 30

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Still haven’t found the right sunscreen for you? Fun & Sun is the solar line of Mia Cosmetics. A cutting-edge tanning formula combined with a practical 360° nebulizer, which allows a quick and perfect application of the product on the whole body, even in the most difficult and delicate areas such as the back or neck, always very stressed by exposure to the sun. The formula of Fun & Sun is waterproof, refreshing, anti-ageing, enriched with Vitamin E, which counteracts the formation of free radicals, accelerates and intensifies the tan protecting the skin from UVA – UVB radiation during sun exposure.
The texture of Fun & Sun sunscreen is completely transparent, does not stain or grease, and gives an immediate sensation of freshness on the skin. The spray formula allows the perfect atomisation of the sun on the skin which penetrates immediately even without massaging, dries immediately and, unlike many sprays, leaves the skin incredibly soft, elastic and moisturized. It does not stick to the skin and you can expose yourself to the sun while tanning in total peace of mind.

Fun & Sun spray SPF 30 has a medium to high sun protection factor, suitable for PHOTOTYPE 2: Light and sensitive skin, which gets a little tan and is easily scalded, eyes and light hair and always in the first exposure to the sun.

TREATMENT: Shake Fun & Sun Spray before use, spray about 20 cm away, do not spray into eyes or on irritated skin. Repeat application after prolonged bathing and long exposure to the sun. Use Sun & Fun Aftersun to refresh the skin.