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Contouring & Highlighting Palette

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Contouring & Highlighting palette by Mia Make up is the easy-to-use palette for contouring which sculpt and define the volumes of the oval and strobing, which emphasize the face areas by illuminating them. The eight shades with an innovative creamy formula, covering from the first application, create a play of shadows and lights on the face, giving a natural or sophisticated look, depending on the desired effect.
The soft and silky texture easily blend for a natural and smooth effect of the skin, enhancing the qualities and minimising facial defects.

Light Tones

  • In the centre of the forehead
  • Under the eyebrows
  • On the bridge of the nose
  • On the top of the cheekbones
  • On the arch of Cupid’s bow (top centre of lip)
  • In the centre of the chin

Dark Tones

  • Directly under the hairline, on the upper part of the forehead
  • On both sides of the forehead, near the hairline
  • On the right and left side of the nose
  • In the hollows of the cheeks
  • On both sides of the jaw, from the ears to the tip of the chin