Baked Eyeshadow Violet Reflex


Wet & dry baked eyeshadow

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Bright and multifaceted colours to give your gaze an extraordinary intensity. Baked is the Mia Make Up eyeshadow with a cooked texture, ultra-pigmented but impalpable and ultra light. Baked eyeshadow is a very versatile cosmetic for its dual use, wet & dry. When dry, thanks to the light touch, it creates very soft looks and soft shadows. When wet, the cooked eyeshadow takes on a vibrant colour, full and rich in reflections: just moisten the eyelid brush with water and remove the powder to be applied to the eye.  Alternatively, you can tap with your fingertips, always moistened, to create, with lighter colours, points of light on the eye, at the internal corner or under the eyebrow.