Washing the brushes is not that difficult: just follow a few simple steps, from cleaning to drying.

A true make-up enthusiast knows how many brushes are needed for perfect makeup. A whole set of tools to choose according to the product to apply. Some would call it an arsenal for war, but an arsenal indispensable for fading, defining, sculpting, colouring, in one word: makeup.

Brushes of all types and sizes need periodic care. It is important to clean brushes and makeup sponges to prevent deterioration, to achieve the desired effect of your make-up products without smudging and, of course, for a fundamental question of hygiene: between the bristles of the brushes nestle residues of makeup, dust, pollution and sebum particles, bacteria harmful to skin health.

Let’s discover together with a few little secrets and a little patience how to clean makeup brushes quickly!

How to Clean Makeup Brushes: Frequency and Materials

It may seem like a titanic feat, but cleaning the makeup brushes is much easier than you think. With a few quick steps your make-up tools will be clean and ready to be reused.

Every how much to clean the makeup brushes?

To know how often to wash make-up brushes you have to take into account the type of bristles they are made with. Natural bristles can prevent the proliferation of bacteria more than synthetic brushes, which should be washed more often.

Then you need to consider the frequency with which you wear makeup:

  • If you do make-up every day, you need to wash your brushes at least once a week;
  • If you only wear makeup a few times during the week, you can wash them every 10 or even 15 days;

shadow brushes or i brushes for spreading lipstick must be washed every time we decide to use a new color, to avoid a Harlequin effect on the face.

What to clean makeup brushes with?

Neutral soap, shampoo, dish detergent, baby detergent. There are many types of liquid to clean makeup brushes used by make-up addicts around the world. There are specific detergents on the market, but for a quick, cheap and do-it-yourself method all the above materials are fine (be careful not to use conditioners!).

As grandmothers teach, cleaning makeup brushes with bicarbonate of carbonate can be done, but only in the case of not very dirty make-up tools. To avoid trielin to clean makeup brushes: initially this degreasing solvent was the most used, but its toxic and not very ecological characteristics put it right in the list of liquids to be discarded.

Gentle, possibly neutral soaps that respect the environment, leather and the quality of our brushes: the ideal choice!

Clean your makeup brushes in a few simple steps

Fast and practical steps to have your makeup brush set always in order and ready to use. Follow our advice for make up equipment worthy of a professional!

1. Wet The Bristles

In the first step the brush must be abundantly wetted with hot water. Be very careful not to wet the brush’s hoof: hot water could penetrate inside the handle with the risk of removing the brush head from its handle

2. Water And Vinegar

Before removing the dirt, we immerse the brush (always the head!) in a solution of vinegar and water to deeply disinfect our make up tool. Don’t worry about the strong smell, which will disappear once the brush is completely dry.

3. Massage With Soap

After disinfecting it, it is time to clean the brush. Just a few drops of soap directly on the bristles, or a dip in a basin containing water and detergent will be enough. In this step the secret is the friction of the bristles. There are special accessories on the market for cleaning the brush: dotted or scratched plastic or silicone surfaces on which to literally rub our brush to remove all traces of makeup. The clutch must look like a massage, energetic but delicate at the same time, to avoid damaging the bristles.

4. Rinse Thoroughly

Once the dirt has been removed from the brush, let’s rinse. In order for the bristles to return soft and perfect, there should be no soap residue on our makeup tool. Make sure you rinse the brush well, even with more strokes.

5. Drying

To speed up drying many people think of using a hair dryer or violent heat sources. Nothing more wrong! To dry makeup brushes you need a lot of patience. Drain the excess water by gently squeezing the bristles with a cotton cloth, then take each brush and spread it on a flat surface, with the soft part out of the edge: the air will circulate more easily. Brushes should be dried naturally and reused only when completely dry!

5. Keep Them With Care

How to store makeup brushes to prevent bristles from deforming? After each wash and in between uses, place your brushes in a glass or a holder that holds them vertically. You will preserve their integrity and performance over time.

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