Between warm, cool, bright and hyper colored eye palettes, for green, brown, blue or cerulean eyes, everyone has their favorites, but what will be the best eye palettes of 2020/2021?
Every personality has its own eye palette, every color season has its own circle of friendly colors and every look has an ideal set of eyeshadows.

The Mia Makeup eye palette collection is enriched with 3 new references to expand the range of those already in the range and embrace every makeup need, from evening looks with the most intense, vibrant and bright colors, to the soft and opaque daytime ones.

To each his own GLAM Eyeshadow palette!

There are 7 makeup palettes that make up the Glam Eyeshadow Collection, each consisting of 9 eyeshadows mixed to perfection between shimmer and matte in order to ensure the realization of soft makeup to show off during the day and at the same time create stronger ones for the evening or for a special occasion.

The colors that make up the palettes are extremely pigmented, blend easily and, above all, are perfect both if you are approaching the world of makeup and if you are a professional makeup artist.

The range of colors proposed is really wide, you just have to discover the various types of palettes available:

– If you love burgundy shades then GLAM Mauve is the perfect choice
– Do you want to range between warm and cool eyeshadows in a single palette? Then you can’t resist the charm of the Brownie Palette.
– Do you love warm tones but at the same time don’t want to leave the earthy nuances behind? Your perfect choice is Rust Palette, with its oranges and rusts!
– Pop Palette is instead the palette for those who want to dare with bright and vibrant colors, from yellow to blue passing through flaming red.

Still haven’t found your favorite palette? Get ready, it’s time to discover the latest additions to the GLAM Eyeshadow Palette Collection!

There are 3 new eye palettes that will be added to the 4 already present in the range, 3 combinations of super pigmented colors that will make you fall in love immediately; as for the other palettes of the collection each one is composed of 9 colors where of course there are matte and shimmer colors.

GLAM Eyeshadow Palette ATTRACTIVE: day-to-night eyeshadows and the darkest black there is! The eye palette with warm tones ideal for a corrective daytime makeup, shimmering shades of burgundy and bronze to shine during party nights, a gray and a deeper black of the night to create an eye-catching look that will steal the gaze of everyone making you the undisputed star! Discover all the looks created by PNMakeup with the Attractive palette!


GORGEOUS Eyeshadow Palette: rosy, peachy and cool eyeshadows for romantic souls To bring out the romantic and princely side in you. The pink and peachy shades are the ideal ones to make you express all your love for what makes you feel good; 9 eyeshadows that will make you go back in time when the world was all fairy: the cool shimmer shades of pink and lilac will help you to become the perfect fairy in the world of fairy tales.


Eyeshadow Palette HOT SMOKEY: the most classic eye look gets hot. The perfect palette for you who love to go out of the box giving your free interpretation to any kind of makeup you think is perfect for your ropes; warm and burnt eyeshadows to create a perfect eye contouring that will make your look seductive to say the least but also darker shades to create a warm and penetrating smokey eyes that will break the mold and give life to a look completely different from the one you usually wear!


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